October 2021

‘Stripped’ emphasizes the human body and the portrait as a vehicle for personal emotional reactions to intimacy. Art works that will evoke and ignite. Each work is selected to reflect perspectives of the physical body, and our identification with emotion and intimacy or the lack of. Covid-19 reduced our capacity for touch and intimacy and Stripped brings back the love and passion for the human figure and our identity with others and ourselves. Diving deep into themes of philosophy and emotion, intimacy and vulnerability, isolation and touch, this is a creative process that organizes three outstanding artists in one event. We know you will walk away from Stripped, challenged.


Exhibition Dates:
October 16-17 (Opening Weekend)
October 23-24
Private viewings are available throughout October and Thanksgiving weekend on October 9-11 by appointment.


2% of gross profits will be donated to Alternatives for Women, and Belinda Labatte will match all funds raised personally. The Alternatives for Women organization provides Second Stage Housing and non-judgmental, supportive counselling from a feminist perspective. They advocate on behalf of women and children and provide public education about the issues that concern women who have experienced domestic violence. All of the counselling services are free and confidential.

Preview Pieces

Title: Woman in Yellow
Dimensions: 13” x 17”
Medium: oil on canvas board

Title: Resolve
Dimensions: 12” x 36”
Medium: cold wax and oils on panel

Title: Across The Sky
Dimensions: 13” x 16”
Medium: acrylic on canvas paper


Fabrizio Sclocco

Donna Zekas

Elly Smallwood