‘Looking Glass.’ It conjures up a similar feeling to that feeling one gets when looking into a dollhouse.

‘Looking Glass’ suggests the curious story of Alice, leaving our world and entering
that of Wonderland, where time is not linear, logic is different, and challenges our view of left and right, what is and what is not; just as art does.

Limited viewings July 2022, Prince Edward County



Fine art experiences that evoke emotion, energy and will transform your life and living.

‘Stripped’ emphasizes the singular aspect of intimacy with the human body and portrait and our emotional reaction to them both. With diversity of perspective, process and meaning we bring you ‘Stripped’: three artists in one amazing space. Artworks that will evoke and ignite in the unique setting of the Picton Military Barracks at Loch Sloy.

Limited viewings October 2021, Prince Edward County

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