Elly Smallwood

Elly Smallwood is an artist living and working in Canada. Her art is focused on creating emotional and raw portraits of the people in her life. She paints in oil, acrylic and watercolour. Her technique often features expressive brushstrokes and movement, often using a light and bright palette. Her inspiration from classical subjects is often shown throughout her work, whether that be subject, or the positioning of the figure.

Title: Portrait of my Father
Dimensions: 48” x 60”
Medium: oil on canvas

Title: Press
Dimensions: 17 1⁄2” x 21”
Medium: acrylic on canvas

Title: Self Portrait with Bouguereau
Dimensions: 48” x 60″
Mediums: oil on canvas

Title: Until Then
Dimensions: 18” x 22”
Medium: acrylic on canvas paper

Title: Across The Sky
Dimensions: 13” x 16”
Medium: acrylic on canvas paper
Title: Maliha
Dimensions: 48” x 48″
Medium: oil on canvas

Title: Lay
Dimensions: 16” x 18 1⁄2”
Medium: acrylic on paper

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