Dahlia S L

We are mother and daughter united in our singularly modern approach to bringing you the experience of fine art.

A deep, personal understanding of the artist’s process and ideas transforms into evocative, culturally relevant art shows that can transform your life and living, and reflect your identity.

You are invited to slow down, pay attention, and experience selected contemporary art works with us.

Our curated selection of works is available for a limited time online and at distinctive transient event locations.

We aspire to bring you works that will evoke and ignite emotion, wherever you are, by collaborating with Canadian and international artists, and always with our local community partners.

We do what we say we are going to do and collaborate with you for the best possible experience in the creation, collection and enjoyment of fine art.

Attitude and Approach
We bring a positive outlook to all our relationships and lead with courtesy, respect and attention to the artistic process.

We are passionate about what we do, and we will share that with you in our journey together.

Who We Are

About Dahlia,

Gallerist, Artist, and Co-founder.

My goal is to share my passion for art with you. Art is a big part of our family story. Getting dressed for a visit to the local art museum and galleries, in whichever city we are, is a constant in how we spend our time at home and in our travels. My hope for this gallery is to share with you that love and intrigue. Emphasizing the uniqueness and curiosity of the artistic process and your response to it, and bringing you an art experience that is unlike any other. Unique art, that will intrigue you, leave you questioning, that you may have loved or may not understand; but never leaves you without feeling.


About Belinda,

Co-founder and Collector.

Dahlia S L is a manifestation of our love and passion for original, evocative fine art. Our eyes may receive the same information on a singular piece, yet our personal introspections and interpretations will create a totally new experience of the art. It can reflect your identity, revealed through the artistic process that someone has released to you. For new and discerning collectors, wherever you are, we will bring you the experience of fine art wherever we are.

Gallery Services

Themed, pop-up public shows and events in unique locations.

Private, reservation only, contemporary art events, including non-profit endeavours.

Concierge art services for interior design and collection curation.

Uncollectable, collaborative and experiential art shows and events.

Labatte, Jessica. Pond Weeds #31. 2014, photography.

“I was impressed when I met Dahlia at the gallery’s preview. She spoke about art with such passion and composure, the way only someone who lives and breathes it can. I was incredulous when I found out she was still in high school!”

– Scott Montgomery


“Best art show I attended this year!”

– Grant Freestone

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