The Night Show

July 2023

Dahlia S L in collaboration with the Four Seasons Mexico City: an international show celebrating Canadian and Mexican artists as well as the Canada-Mexico friendship.

Location: the Four Seasons Mexico City, Fifty Mils bar, one of the top 50 bars in the world; and public spaces in the hotel.

The hotel bar.
It seems almost like a living being, pulsing with life; attracting those that thrive in the dark. The bar offers freedom and confidence in its anonymity, making space for peopleʼs most authentic selves. The anonymity gives space to the ego, and the pleasure-seeking.

The Night Show encapsulates that feeling of public privacy and intimacy that seems to pulse through hotels and hotel bars.

It examines our darkest hours, and is focused on themes of ego, the self, light & dark, the public & the private. Drawing on the quiet intimacy of the night, and the pleasure-seekers that are drawn out by the dark. The show focuses on the contrast between the excess and luxury of hotel nightlife, and the privacy of the hotel room at night.

Opening July 1, 2023


Noella Noel


Arantxa Solis



Callum Keith Rennie



Daniela Terroba Schlam



Donna Zekas



Emily Pope



Elly Smallwood



Fabrizio Sclocco