Salón ACME - February 2024

‘Leche de Mar’ – Daniela Terroba Schlam x Dahlia S L

Salón ACME no. 11


‘Leche de Mar’ is an exploration of the figure of the Madonna, as more than a pure and maternal figure; a revealed and creator Madonna. The project was inspired by the story of the holy family, fleeing Egypt and taking refuge in a cave, as Mary was nursing her baby a drop of milk fell to the ground, turning the walls of the cave white. The fountain in front of the centrepiece as a representation of the dripping milk, also reminiscent of a holy water stoup. 

Madre de pliegues, the centerpiece of the project, is the Madonna reversed, where the insides are brought to the viewer, inspired by the paintings of the Madonna del Latte throughout history. Daniela focuses on the location of the cave and the idea of milk, using those elements to explore the Madonna’s character. In Madre de pliegues, the figure is surrounded by a bright background that reflects the milk-white walls of the cave. The Madonna is shrouded in blue, as is traditionally associated with her, and its darkness evokes her internal mystery of the depth and  bringing the inside out.

Under the hood is not a typical depiction, the inside of the Madonna is brought out. The piece builds on and goes beyond Mary’s depiction as a pure virgin mother. The darker abstraction of her insides as a deep sea scene brings out her aspects as a creator, showing us that any form of life comes from a dark, undefined and monstrous side. Reflecting the darkness of the cave and deep water; the water of the womb and milk as the result of creation. The baby Christ being absent allows Daniela to focus on the Madonna as a creator of divine life and maternal figure, that transcends the label of just ‘mother’. “Leche de Mar” is a project that unfolds and reveals the Madonna through the cave. The ceramic border reflects the milk-white inside walls of the cave that borders the revealed Madonna and also continues the visuals of a deep sea scene; the piece functions as a doubled cavern in the framing of the Madonna and the Madonna as a cave herself. 

The two small paintings, Paloma de leche, build on Daniela’s association of the Madonna with water. Paloma de leche draws on the idea of the breast as a source of life, milk, linking it to the water. The sculptures Arruga mineral, Fluidos blancos, and Velo depict the action of unfolding, folding, and revealing, with the colour continuing the element of milk. They remind us of the form of a cave, as well as the figure of the shrouded Madonna. They reflect the folds and human tissue of the revealed Madonna, and the process of peeling back to reveal the interior to the viewer. 


“Leche de Mar”, is an exploration of revealing and unfolding the character of the Madonna in her relationship to creation in milk and water. 

February 8-11 2024

Madre de pliegues
47×27″ (120x70cm)
Oil paint on canvas and ceramic

Cúpula de caracolas
9×6″ (23x15cm)
Ceramic and pencil on paper

6x8x5″ (13x20cm)

Paloma de Leche 
13×8″ (32x20cm)
Oil paint on canvas and ceramic

Fluidos blancos
6.5×10″ (16x25cm)

Arruga mineral
5×5.5″ (13x14cm)