Dahlia S L gallery exhibits at Salón ACME No. 11 during Mexico City Art Week 2024 – featuring Daniela Terroba Schlam

By: Dahlia Labatte

Jan 9, 2024

Dahlia S L is pleased to have been selected to present in the Projects section for Salón ACME No. 11, February 8 to 11.

Dahila S L is the only Canadian gallery to be represented in this art fair, taking place during Mexico City’s art week. ‘Projects’ is a section comprised of Mexican and foreign galleries, projects, and artist coallitions where each space invites a project to present the work of a single artist in one room of the Salón ACME house. The projects are curated by Ana Castella, Director of Salón ACME.

Dahlia Labatte, among Canada’s youngest successful curators, is a student of art history and religiou studies at McGill University, and Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Montreal student-run feminist art magazine, Yiara Magazine. Dahlia S L gallery, a mother-daughter team, is a show based contemporary art gallery based in Canada; dedicated to bringing the experience of art to collectors in unique spaces. Their mission is to bring provocative art to collectors in thoughtful space around the world, and now featured on the spectaculor walls and spaces of the Salón ACME in Mexico City.

“I’m so excited for the amazing opportunity of being a part of Salón ACME and showing the work of Daniela Terroba Schlam. I’m looking forward to further being a part of Mexico City’s amazing art scene and shaing more artwork through my curatorial lens. Daniela’s work is stunning in its meaning and presentation; please look forward to our project in Salón ACME this February!”

– Dahlia Labatte, Co-founder and Curator

Dahlia is the curator of The Night Show, currently showing at the Four Season Hotel Mexico City, a patron of the arts, who joined forces with Dahlia S L in July 2023 to promote the work of 9 independent artists, 7 from Canada and 2 from Mexico City. 

About Salón ACME and Daniela Terroba Schlam:

Over the past few years, Daniela has deepend in the subject of the body and image as a flexible organ. In 2020, she decided to use a human ear as a starting point to investigate, associate, and develop the idea of the folds. Choosing the ear was not just because of its form: cavernous and labyrinthic, but also for being a connection between the outsider world and the interior. To Daniela, painting, through gazes, is like a tunnel that connects the inner world of the artist to that of the observer. This is why she started using the rhetoric figure of the palindrome in her work. This ear research, as an associate exercise, has taken her to draw lines apparently unrelated between the fetus, the womb, the cave, and the vagina.

In this show, Daniela will explore the theme of cavernous fluids in a mixed media presentation, as it connects to our particular allocated space in Salón ACME and ideas of maternity, mystery, and protection. 

The Night Show is currently showing at Fifty Mils, one of the top 50 bars in the world and inside the Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City. Works can be seen throughout the international art week with a closing event on February 12, 2024. For information on Salón ACME, available works, private tours, and the closing reception, please contact us at dahlia@dahliaslgallery.com

Artworks: Daniela Terroba Schlam

For more information on the show and the gallery please see www.dahliasl.com , on instagram (@dahliaslgallery),  or email (dahlia@dahliaslgallery.com

For more information on Salón ACME: www.SalónACME.com