Dahlia S L gallery announces 5th exhibition in the heart of Prince Edward County, Underneath It All 

July 2024 at County Arts in Picton – featuring works by Emily Pope & Donna Zekas

By: Dahlia Labatte

Jun 24, 2024
  • Dahlia Labatte is among Canada’s youngest successful curators, a student of Art History & Religious Studies at McGill University, Montreal
  • Dahlia S L Gallery is a mother-daughter team founded in Prince Edward County, dedicated to bringing the experience of contemporary art to collectors, in provocative locations around the world.
  • Dahlia S L has been featured in House and Home, Vogue Mexico, and presented their last show The Night Show in Mexico City, at the Four Seasons Hotel world renowned Fifty Mils bar.
  • Dahlia S L Gallery was selected as the only Canadian gallery to participate in Salón ACME February 2024, an emerging arts fair in Mexico City.

Dahlia S L’s Underneath It All will be hosted at the County Arts Lab July 10 to 30th in Picton, Ontario. A vernissage will also be hosted on July 13th to officially open the show – in line with the gallerists’ goals to bring the artwork to viewers in unique locations and curated exhibitions.

Underneath It All highlights the work of two artists in painting and sculpture: Emily Pope and Donna Zekas. The works are available for a limited time and will be accompanied by a space curation inspired by the Rodin sculpture gardens in Paris The works of other Canadian and county artists will also be displayed including Noella Noel and Callum Keith Rennie.

Dahlia and Belinda Labatte are an important name in the emerging art scene. They are a mother-daughter team, founders of Dahlia S L gallery, where each piece is selected for its artistic context, and the commitment of the artist to their work. They founded Dahlia S L gallery to provide a deep and personal understanding of the artistic process through culturally relevant shows that reflect the identity and dreams of the viewer. The gallery employs extensive efforts to disseminate the work of their artists, virtual appointments, themed pop-up public events, as well as private contemporary art activations and concierge services for interior design and collection curation. 

Left: Pope, Emily. Inner Reservoir, oil on canvas. Available through Dahlia S L gallery.

Right: Zekas, Donna. Between Worlds, patinated winterstone. Available through Dahlia S L gallery.

Underneath It All 

An exhibition highlighting introspection as a key aspect of artistic production, and creation of the individual through that. The show focuses on the artistic process and production as a medium of introspection and discovery, particularly on the subject of individuality and the self. Underneath It All intends to provoke consideration in the viewer, particularly on the relationship between the individual and their sense of self; particularly our sense of meaning and anonymity. How important is our individuality? What could we gain from letting go of the individual? 

This show explores the discovery and introspection of the individual, through artistic production. How artistic production, as an artist and a viewer, allows us to discover (or let go) of ourselves. 

Art can help us understand how we fit into the world, in a time where we are constantly questioning our past, present, and future.

To contact Dahlia with any questions or inquiries:

The complete show description, available works, Emily Pope and Donna Zekas’ artist statement can be found on our website. Contact Dahlia through the website or email about any inquiries or questions about the works.

Website: www.dahliasl.com

Email: dahlia@dahliaslgallery.com

Instagram: @dahliaslgallery

LinkedIn: @dahlialabatte