Daniela Terroba Schlam

Over the past few years, Daniela has deepened in the subject of the body and the image as a flexible organ. In 2020 she decided to use a human ear as a starting point to investigate, associate and develop the idea of the folds. Choosing the ear was not just because of its form, cavernous and labyrinthic, but also for being an interstitium that connects the outside world with the interior. To Daniela, painting, through gazes, is like a tunnel that connects the inner world of the artist to that of the observer. This is why she started using the rhetoric figure of the palindrome in her work. This ear research, as an associate exercise, has taken her to draw lines apparently unrelated between the fetus, the womb, the cave and the vagina. We find all these figures represented in different ways all over her work that includes painting, drawing, installation, writing, video and photograph.

Madre de pliegues
47×27″ (120x70cm)
Oil paint on canvas and ceramic

Cúpula de caracolas
9×6″ (23x15cm)
Ceramic and pencil on paper

6x8x5″ (13x20cm)

Paloma de Leche 
13×8″ (32x20cm)
Oil paint on canvas and ceramic

Fluidos blancos
6.5×10″ (16x25cm)

Arruga mineral
5×5.5″ (13x14cm)

Title: Whale’s Tongue
Dimensions: 19″ x 27.5″
Medium: oil and encaustic on canvas

Title: Madonna
Dimensions: 16″ x 18″
Medium: oil on wood and ceramix

Title: Kabbalah inside a white loop
Dimensions: 19″ x 19″
Medium: oil on canvas 

Title: Egg sea
Dimensions: 14″ x 18″
Medium: oil on wood and ceramic

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