Four Seasons Mexico City promotes artistic talent by collaborating with Dahlia SL founded by Dahlia and Belinda Labatte, important gallerists of the emerging art scene

By: Dahlia Labatte

Jun 5, 2023
  • Dahlia Labatte is among Canada’s youngest successful curators, a student of art history at McGill University, Montreal
  • The Four Seasons Hotel Mexico City, a patron of the arts, joined forces with Dahlia SL to promote the work of independent artists for a new show at Fifty Mils to be launched in July 2023 – The Night Show
  • Dahlia SL Gallery is a project in Canada dedicated to bringing the experience of contemporary art to collectors, working with emerging and experienced artists in curated, event-based exhibitions

Mexico City, May 23, 2023.- To support the emerging talent of innovative artists that stand out and respond to the unique environment of the dynamic hotel and bar, Four Seasons Mexico City decided to join forces with Dahlia and Belinda Labatte – gallerists who are committed to bringing the experience of the artistic process to collectors in unique locations. The Four Seasons is pleased to collaborate with Dahlia SL for The Night Show experience, which will be available starting July 1 at the hotel’s bar and other public spaces in the hotel. The selection of curated works is available for a limited time. Works include painting, mixed media and sculpture and will be accompanied by virtual tours and descriptions, and a unique music playlist and bespoke cocktails.

The Night Show 

Inspired by the sense of intimacy and public privacy that seems to vibrate in the bars and rooms of luxury hotels like Four Seasons, this international exhibition celebrates Mexican and Canadian artists and the legacy of Four Seasons and its inception and founding in Canada. The Night Show examines people’s darkest hours and focuses on themes of the ego, self, light and dark, public and private. It does this by exploring the quiet intimacy of the night in the privacy of the hotel room and the night life of the hotel bar; the pleasure seekers drawn to the dark. An ideal exhibition to be presented in one of the most famous bars in the world: Fifty Mils, pulsating with life and attracting those who thrive with their most authentic self.

Fifty Mils

Dahlia and Belinda Labatte are an important name in the emerging art scene. They are a mother-daughter team, founders of Dahlia SL gallery, where each piece is selected for its artistic context, and the commitment of the artist to their work. Art forms an essential part of their family history, and that is why they founded Dahlia SL gallery: to provide a deep and personal understanding of the artistic process through culturally relevant shows that reflect the identity and dreams of the viewer. The gallery employs extensive efforts to disseminate the work of their artists, virtual appointments, themed pop-up public events, as well as private contemporary art activations and concierge services for interior design and collection curation. 

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